Rave Reviews

rave reviews for Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coach

Here’s a peek at some of the things my clients say … these are unsolicited, unedited (except for personal details) and much appreciated testimonials:

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!  I am finding your coaching sessions to be extremely helpful.  I am starting to think about everything in a brand new way, and I believe this is going to help me to be a much, much happier person.  I am starting to believe that my ideal life is possible again.  So thank you!!!  You are a fabulously amazing coach!”

“Best investment I ever made for my business?  Coaching with Jeannette Maw. Superpower attitude and thought adjustments. She can shift my vibe 5 minutes flat and have me facing into solutions at 15.  I don’t know how I could have survived my business without support by Jeannette. (And I’m not a dependent person~very independent!)”

“I have SUCH a good life and you have made such a powerful impact on me.  I cannot even tell you how much you have impacted my life and how positively you have affected me. Truly Jeannette, the time you gave me, the money I spent was really one of the best investments I have ever ever made.  And it’s so miraculous to me because it seems like I have all the coaching and all the training that I could possibly need or get or want and what you gave me was like you pulled it all together.  You absolutely allowed it all to come together and make it happen for me.  I have the BEST life.  It’s happening, sweetie!  It is SO much fun I can’t even tell you.  This is going to be the best year of my life!  I am SO at your service.  I just absolutely think you are one of the coolest people on the planet!”

“Thank you so much for last night, fantastic, brilliant, very empowering, your positivity and uplifting messages are truly infectious. I will insist that anyone who is stuck for whatever reason talks to you. Again many thanks for your amazing skill.”

“Jeanette!  WOW! I have the coolest story ever (at least for me!) to share with you about the huge success of your Pray Rain Journaling Book.  It is seriously the best investment in a book I have ever made. I remembered it when I thought about my need to sell my house in this “horrible” housing market. I wrote in my little journal and loved the feeling it gave me.  Whenever I was feeling panicked or nervous, I took it out and starting writing good vibes.  I finished my journal last Wednesday morning, and got a full price offer on my house last Wednesday evening.  Holy moly, that was fast! You weren’t kidding when you said that when the journal is finished, you get what you ask for!  I sold my house for full price in two weeks.   I have your Pray Rain Journaling book to thank for that. Keep up the miracles you are teaching us!”

“Ever since I happened to read your Law of Attraction, there seems to be lot of positive change in my life.   All this credit goes to you and the only way I can repay this obligation is by marrying you.   Therefore, if you think you can spend life with me, then please do tell me.   Of course, I do know that you had undergone earlier quite a traumatic period in this regard; nevertheless, I am gracefully ready to accept you and I assure you that OUR LIFE will be much more pleasant and a happy happy one.”

“Thank you so so so so much. Coming across you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! As buying your eBook and hiring you as a coach is the best money I’ve ever spent! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! As we say in South Africa: YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!! I’M THRILLED!”

“Jeannette, you are worth your weight in gold. Thank you.”

“Best money I’ve ever spent was hiring you. I’m in such a good space now. I’m ready to receive miracles. Something wonderful has shifted in me and releasing the “buts” is the happiest day of my life. Thank you so much for being the angel that is looking over me as I take this incredible leap into the unknown. I feel so much gratitude to you for believing in me and not buying into my doubts in anyway, shape, or form. You are such an amazing stand for my greatness. Thank you, for the gift you are giving me ….. it’s me. You are giving me – ME. ( and I totally get that I am giving it all to me.) I just needed to have someone like you walk me through the tough spots. When possibility is present – ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! I love you Jeannette!”

I found the perfect word to describe you last night – “Addictive” ! There should be an anti-Jeannette drug somewhere lol 😉 I bet you have lots of people not wanting to `give you up!`

“I Did your dumb visuals even though I was depressed & hit the Jackpot!!! JUST GREAT !!!! The people can not belive them either. THis is GREAT!! Thanks.”

“My sister wrote about all the income she is now attracting since you did your magic with her on the phone a few weeks ago.  YOU are Super Coach!”

“I find myself thinking that, culturally, we have very little language or deed to adequately express when someone moves us and makes us feel special and appreciated.  I know I sometimes say to you ‘I love you’ —  I do.  But it’s more like ‘you give me life’ or ‘the essence of you is the best reason to be here.’ Thanks for working with me — for being my coach and friend.”

“It’s so great to have you as my coach. I just got back from a trip to the Credit Union where I deposited a check for over $6,000 from the “Department of Unclaimed Property.” This LOA stuff is amazing. I actually just conjured up 6 K out of thin air! Is this fun? or what?”

“I finally began writing…first I prayed for clients.  I’ve not had any in months….I just started writing and in TWO days, just signed up 3 clients!  This is huge!  Just wanted to share with you how excited I am, and how much your phone call, and your Pray Rain Journal has helped me! With love and gratitude -”

“There are so many people speaking LOA without seeming to really apply it that I was very inspired by the energy, direct experience and specific instructions on the call. I’ve been saturated in a lot of different LOA material and yet, yours rose to the top and I am actually using it. Thanks so much.”

“Hi there, jeanette!! woohoo!  thanks so very very much for the call last week in using loa!! i’ve known about loa for over 15 years; truth is, i’m really good at it in some ways, and i’ve been sort of stuck in others. your class was a major breakthrough for me, and i’m super happy to say i’m no longer stuck!!!   our enthusiasm and belief in this process was really a key as well….. jeanette, thanks again YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! the world’s such a better place for having you in it you’ve truly helped me take that next daring leap!! Lovelovelove- ”

“You are amazing. I love how real and how comfortable you are. No pretense with you. no flash. No big speech or sales pitch. You live what you preach and that is like a magnet that draws people to you like crazy! Today was such a blast, it feels like I am high – the best kind – naturally!”

“I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  You are one of my better works of attraction.  I should win an award for you!  :-)Thanks for getting me in such an expansive and unrestricted way.  I love you.”

“I love your interaction style and feel like you give far more than what I pay for which is what we all like when spending money. A great ROI is the  best feeling in life as it pertains to any kind of investment. You are modeling that as well as anyone I know.”

“I’m just printing off your other message with tears streming down my face. Thank you for seeing all of that in me.  You are the best, most inspiring thing that has happened to me in the midst of it all. YOu are just the REAL DEAL always and it shows.”

“I have been visualizing getting a new order every day. Now I am getting two a day!!!  Ha ha!!! this is so funny…. (by the way, the norm here is to do about 4 orders a month…..I have done about 4 orders in the last three days…..and the day is not over yet!!!)” … I just received another order. That is 6 orders in 6 days. People are starting to look at me as if I have a deal with the devil or something.”

“This is sooo helpful.  I’m at work, and between patients, I just keep re-reading it! Your energy just comes bursting through the fog – not a ray of sunshine, more like a bolt of sunshine.“

“Do you do success stories?  If so I’d be glad to do a write up on my business success after just one session!  Maybe too unbelievable so we could leave off the “just one session” aspect of it… ”

“Hands down that was one of the most compelling and – to use the Maw vernacular – world rocking conversations I’ve had in memory. You’ve left me with a question that continues to stay with me.”

“Who’duh thunk it would be so easy?! Heeheehee Your coaching fee was the best money I ever spent. ”

“Jeannette is an incredible LOA coach.  If you want real, positive change in your life – no matter how far off you may seem from it – she can get you there.  In just one month with Jeannette’s group Mastery Course my energy levels doubled, I lost 5 pounds, my baby slept through the night and $325 in extra income came to me effortlessly.  Need I say more?  Thanks, Jeannette!  You rock!” – Alora Cheek, San Jose, CA

“I’ve said it before, Jeannette Maw is worth her weight in GOLD! She has one of the most brilliant vibes I’ve ever encountered and she doesn’t keep it to herself! She shares her blissful alignment by teaching others how to get there too. In just one month with Jeannette’s group Mastery Course I have experienced profound ease and peace, epiphanies and peak experiences. I’ve stepped right out of old vibrational patterns and into boundless new ones. Oh, and suddenly men are calling me for dates and parties and offers to fix my faucet or give me lifts to town AND my bank account has been flooded with surprise funds AND I swear my body is growing younger by the day AND everyone around me has become more relaxed, happy and full of love. Thank you Jeannette. You are my shining star, an angel on the Earth.” – Kim F., Australia

“In case you don’t know it, I feel you to be a guru, and I love that you always use yourself as your best test case.  Thanks for keeping it real… and most especially for being a most excellent source of inspiration for me, especially during this last year when I faced some exceptionally rough times. YOU ROCK!!!”

“Great thought-provoking and timely article.  A few months ago I got off of almost every email list I had been on – to give myself some space.  It has felt great!!!  And, I stayed on yours because you almost always speak right to me. Thank you for doing such a great job of being you!”

“I so enjoyed meeting you! I got a lot out of it…..and when I went home I started meditating on a few things. The next morning, before I even had my first cup of coffee…..there it was….confirmation!! I know this stuff works….But sometimes I forget to remember that it does. You were just what I needed to re-boot my hard drive!! I look forward to getting together with you again. Your warmth and excitement about what you teach is very contagious. Thank You!”

“You are incredibly good at what you do, jeannette…I really enjoy your energy…”

“To get to the level we got to in one night should have taken years. We just bypassed steps 1 through 6 in one night! IMPOSSIBLE – can not happen.”

“Thanks for all you do.  I want a refund from every therapist that I have ever seen. This is so much more effective!”

“I can’t believe the value of your coaching … what it’s meant for me in my life. I couldn’t begin to pay you what it’s worth. It’s changed my life so much!”

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you did for our entire group… they are all buzzing about it.  And we so appreciate your generosity in being willing to spend time one on one with many of the people last week…myself included.  Those were powerful conversations with impact that will last over time.  You’ve changed the vibe in our field… I am so thankful to know you!!”

“I just can’t seem to get enough of you! I just love how you see me! You know I’m just a mirror of YOU!”

“You continue to amaze me! You are a godsend. Thanx for being YOU!”

“Gosh, thank you so much, for I heard your little voice on my shoulder when I was in panic mode… You’re the best coach EVER!!”

“You are Tops & I love my awards (can not believe they are real to be honest).”

“You make me laugh. You make me cry. Thank you so very much for your immediate attention to my needs. You are a God send. I love you! thank you for making my DAY!”

“This is sooo excellent, Jeanette! You are absolutely brilliant. (and I must be pretty brilliant too, to be able to recognize your brilliance!)”

“Thanks for yesterdays conversation. I love this!  I  really love talking to you and see why you are successful in all you do. You are a great example of someone who  followed your heart and embraced your dream. I feel so blessed to have met you.”

“What a powerful coach you are!”

“Thank you, thank you for your help. I did what you suggested and I LOVE IT! I am looking forward to working on many other great things with you. Thank you again, Jeannette. For everything.”

“I really am happy and practicing vibrating at consistently higher and higher levels.  It’s really been impactful.  I wouldn’t have imagined being at the level I am now even a year ago. Gotta love that.”

“YOU are such a class act!  Thank you for being in my life and for reminding me that every moment can be special and magical.”

“I just want to say that your e-zine is fabulous.  I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve written a column for a local mag for years, and your content and style are just energizing, encouraging and really call one to action. Thanks for so generously making that available to all of us.”

“I so love hearing from you and I anticipate and am excited at how you always expand on my most self-loving streams of thought and how great I always feel when I read the amazing things you write (and re-read them). I’m struck and awed by your commitment to feeling good.  And I’m so glad I’m on the same frequency.  You’re an intentional genius!”

“This has been the most amazing month with you. I have had the best sales month ever.  I got clear about an ending with my ex, resolved a grudge with my sister, and am going to Europe. My apartment looks waaaay better. I know I can have what ever I want. I have cleared up and reached out to friends. I am sure there are other huge leaps that I have forgotten. I guess if I was to summarize what I have got from working with you is to realize my worth, my value. I feel like I have been on a rocket this past month.”

“I’m really excited! Feel as though I’m finally living my life – and I’m happy for the first time since I can remember!”


“Has anyone ever told you that you are more than worth your weight in gold??? You are! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you Jeannette – for all of your wonderful insights. I’m touched, truly I’ve got happy tears.”

“Dear Wondrous Jeannette- Receiving your e-mail and experiencing how you play for work is the sweetest most delicious thing which I have ever tasted–truly what a delight to be with you.“

“I really am coming “back to life” as a result of this coaching, Jeannette. Truly. My life is vastly different as a result of it in wondrous ways. I am so grateful to be working with you. I was feeling quite worn down prior to our coaching.”

“Wow, thanks for all that. It sure helps. This coaching thing is perfect for me right now.  I asked and you seem to be my Master Key right now. THANK YOU!”

“You are magic…..you make your clients love you….and love themselves……what a blessing this past month has been. I am free…..I feel great…..I can have anything I want……I am sooooooooo loveable!!! From my heart to yours…….Thank You!!!!”

“I feel so blessed to have come across your path and now we know that you or I attracted the other one into our universe. Do wonder on occasion where I would have been had I attracted you sooner!”

“You sometimes take me to different limits that have yet been explored, and to be honest you are the first one in my life that has done that.”

“You know what I love? You don’t hold anything back. I totally get that you want to give me EVERYTHING I could need or want. Your enthusiasm is electric and I LOVE your quick responses. I notice I love going to my computer these days to check my email. Your personality is so fun and it comes right through the internet loud and clear. Thank you for all you have already done for me! I’m thrilled with my investment!”

“You KNOW that a publishing deal was on my list! I prayed rain like nobody’s business and yes, your coaching really took me places I didn’t know I could get to…and now I do… If you can imagine it…. Thank you! You’re one glorious angel!”

These are just a sample of the thanks I receive, for which I want to say BIG THANKS to everyone who expresses their appreciation!  I love you, too!  -Jeannette