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Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach
PO Box 95371
South Jordan, UT 84095


Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe CoachJeannette Maw, Good Vibe CoachJeannette Maw

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Jeannette is a Master Certified Coach and founder of Good Vibe University. She’s a full time manifesting geek on a mission to inspire conscious creators. Her law of attraction obsession has her writing and talking about LOA at every opportunity, which includes blog posts, ebooks, group calls, interviews, training fellow coaches and occasional speaking gigs.

Medium Bio:

Jeannette Maw is a Master Certified Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching. She publishes Good Vibe Blog, hosts an online gathering at Good Vibe University, is the co-founder of LOA coach training at Good Vibe Coach Academy and co-leads LOA-based astrology courses at Good Vibe Astrology.  She is the author of several law of attraction ebooks and is a contributor to Jack Canfield’s Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction. Jeannette was invited to appear on Oprah’s law of attraction episode to share about the manifesting method known as pray rain journaling. Developed through her years of study and practice, she shares a practical approach to the art of conscious creation.

Jeannette lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with several rescued dogs and cats, is a volunteer foster mom for local animal rescue groups, and enjoys hiking and yoga when she’s not working with deliberate creators.

Long Bio:

Jeannette Maw graduated summa cum laude from Utah State University in 1989 and built a successful career in the field of personal financial services as a retirement specialist. Jeannette left the corporate world to found Good Vibe Coaching in 2005. She received formal coach training through CoachU and received a Master Certified Coach designation through Martha Beck Inc.

Jeannette is the author of several ebooks on the law of attraction, publishes weekly blog posts, and is a contributor to Jack Canfield’s Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction. She is known for sharing practical, real world methods of practicing conscious creation.

As founder of the online LOA site Good Vibe University, Jeannette hosts regular calls on various manifesting topics and invites contributions from other LOA experts as well. She publishes short videos on the subject of law of attraction on her YouTube channel. In 2011 Jeannette co-launched Good Vibe Coach Academy with partner Lisa Hayes and in 2013 founded LOA-based astrology instruction at Good Vibe Astrology with world renowned astrologer Kim Falconer.

In addition to her zeal for deliberate creation, Jeannette is passionate about her volunteer work as a foster mom for various local animal rescue groups. Jeannette resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with several rescued dogs and cats.

Company details:

Good Vibe Coaching was created by Jeannette Maw in 2005 and is founded on the principles of deliberate creation.

Its mission is to inspire deliberate creators to confidently embrace their power to manifest reality, by challenging belief systems, playing with energy and knowing anything is possible in creating daily magic and miracles.

Clients of Good Vibe Coaching can be found all over the globe, including England, Germany, Denmark, Australia, India, Holland, Ireland, Africa, Malta, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and primarily the U.S. and Canada.

Services include one on one private coaching, group telecourses, corporate speaking events, and public speaking events.


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