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“I knew about LOA, wasn’t sure how much I believed (I’m very left-brained and tend to be skeptical!) but this package brought it home in a very complete and different way than any of those other things I’ve read.” 

– Susan F., Life Coach

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blue-right-arrow2About The Book

How would it feel to know that you could control the success of your coaching business? To know that getting the clients and making the money was completely within your reach?

In LOA Ninja Moves, seasoned coaches Lisa Hayes and Jeannette Maw share how to use conscious creation tools to fill your practice and make a good living as a coach.

Lisa and Jeannette have worked with hundreds of people to create what they want. Now they bring that wisdom geared specifically to life coaches to help you experience the success you want for your coaching practice. Their personal experiences, as well as working with other coaches in the field, contribute to what they’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t.

The result is LOA Ninja Moves – a digital package including three audio recordings with ebook – to walk you through the skills and methods you can being using now to grow your business. The outline includes:


audio buttonNinja Moves – Five LOA business-building skills you can begin today, any one of which can shift the winds of change to lead you to thriving success as a coach.

audio buttonThe Role of Action – Whether, when and how to use action to create the success you want in your business. This is one of the most misused tools of coaches who rely on it to build their success.

audio buttonFreedom from Results – Why we can’t rely on business results to feel happy, satisfied, or accomplished. How to manage your emotional state regardless of the state of business affairs.

audio buttonCase Studies – Lisa and Jeannette share how they built their practices, and how you can implement similar steps to achieve your business dreams. Also mistakes to avoid that other coaches experience.

This is a system that any coach can immediately put in place to start building their business. Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to improve your professional and financial success, or you’re a brand new coach looking to get started on the right foot, LOA Ninja Moves will give you the tools to get clients and make good money.

      • 5 LOA Ninja Moves to build a thriving practice
      • Why ignoring the energy is a hazard to your business
      • Where success really begins (it’s not in your business plan)
      • How you might be using your conjuring power to your detriment – without even knowing it
      • How to speak your way to success
      • Jeannette’s magic spell for building a full practice in 3 months
      • How your environment may be holding you back (& easy tweaks to change it)
      • The role of action in a smart coach’s business plan
      • Overcoming the most common blocks to relying on inspiration
      • What your business can’t do for you & what you MUST do yourself to create success
      • Lisa & Jeannette’s personal manifesting processes for getting clients & making money.

Whether you’re a new coach just starting out or one who’s been trying to make this gig work for a while, LOA Ninja Moves offers what we believe are the real keys to creating monetary success in your business.

gvca ninja moves cover




Download now for $37 


The LOA Ninja Moves digital package contains a 27 page ebook with 3 audio recordings for immediate download.

blue-right-arrow2About the Authors

lisaLisa Hayes has been helping people transform their love lives for over 10 years. She hosts the Relationship Rx radio show, leads the Charismatic Woman sacred circle, and teaches Body Love Boot Camp. Lisa partnered with Jeannette in 2011 to launch a law of attraction based coach training program to help coaches grow their businesses and enhance their coaching skills.

jeannetteJeannette Maw is committed to helping conscious creators confidently embrace their manifesting powers. She continues her obsession with all things LOA via blogging, private coaching, hosting an online gathering for deliberate creators, and guiding coaches to reach their professional aspirations through coach training at Good Vibe Coach Academy.


blue-right-arrow2What Others Are Saying

[tentry image=”” name=”Jessica L” company=”Freelancer & LOA Newbie”] I had several coaches who tried to explain law of attraction to me, but none of them delivered like you did. This taught me how building a business can be easier than I’ve been letting it be. Thank you for helping me succeed in ways I wouldn’t have thought of myself.“ [/tentry]
[tentry image=”” name=”Nicole, C.” company=”Relationship Coach & LOA Savvy”] I’ve heard you talk here and there about how you manifested clients, but this is the first time I’ve heard it all together like this. It was really helpful!” [/tentry]
[tentry image=”” name=”Susan F.” company=”Life Coach & LOA Practitioner”]I’ve read John Assaraf’s “The Answer” and all the Abraham books. But I must tell you–I purchased your LOA Ninja Moves package today, and just finished it!

I knew about LOA, wasn’t sure how much I believed (I’m very left-brained and tend to be skeptical!), but this package brought it home in a very complete and different way than any of those other things I’ve read.

I just wanted you to know how very very much I enjoyed it. I cannot wait to start practicing all of it NOW with my new understanding.

I just wanted to thank you and tell you it’s a great deal (only $37!) and I got way more than that out of it. Thank you so very much!! [/tentry]

Download now for $37