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The following coaches have fulfilled the rigorous certification requirements to be Good Vibe Certified Coaches. (Personally trained and certified by Jeannette and Lisa.)


Janette Dalgliesh, Certified Good Vibe CoachJanette Dalgliesh conducts her international coaching business from southeast Australia, where she delights in walking the dual path between practical left-brain science and the ineffable Divine. Her idea of a good time is helping others embrace their creative power, which she does through coaching, writing, and blogging.

Meet Janette at Identity Shift Ninja.

Jessica Vazquez, life coachJessica Vazquez engages extensive training across multiple disciplines as well as personal experience to help women end the war on their bodies. More than a weight loss coach, Jessica leads women caught in the trap of self loathing to find freedom from diets and calorie counting, and to learn peace in mind and body. Her approach uses science and spirituality to savor life.

Find Jessica at Enjoy Life.

Anne BolenderAnne Bolender has a personal quest to draw on tools, tips and tech­niques from the Law of Attrac­tion and other coach leaders to delib­er­ately cre­ate her authen­tic life and live life to the fullest. Her mis­sion is to share the tools and tech­niques she’s using to help others do the same. Through her experiences she’s dis­cov­er­ing how clar­ity and cre­ativ­ity can be the cat­a­lysts that help us delib­er­ately cre­ate the life we are meant to live.

Find Anne online at Anne Bolender.

Laura EnglishLaura English helps clients flush out the strategy and details for early-stage change. She feels most energized when the ideas start flowing and life is breathed into what was once a spark of desire.  Through thoughtful questioning, detailed brainstorming, intuition and light research, she helps to create a blueprint for change for solopreneurs, small businesses, career changes and stand-alone projects.

Find Laura at Laura English.

Ginny GaneGinny Gane is a world traveler, currently in Ontario, Canada, who lives her life playing with the law of attraction and working with clients who are ready to take their LOA game to the next level. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the “shoulds” of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with.

Find Ginny at Ginny Gane.

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Good Vibe CoachingAlthough maintaining a limited client roster, Jeannette is available for hire on occasion …

Jeannette MawJeannette Maw is a full time manifesting geek who has coached hundreds of fellow creators over the last decade to leverage the law of attraction. Trained at CoachU and Master Coach Certified at Martha Beck Inc., Jeannette is passionate about helping fellow creators amp up their manifesting skills. Find her online at Good Vibe Blog or email jmaw@goodvibecoach.com to inquire about coaching.