Money Vibe Boot Camp

Money Vibe Boot Camp is where we signal Universe for financial prosperity.  Not study how to, not talk about, not explore why we haven’t yet – but simply DO it.  Join us for 6 life-changing weeks this January to dramatically shift your experience with money …

What is it?

Money Vibe Boot Camp Money Vibe Boot Camp is where we do money drills – you can think of it as money vibe work outs – where we practice the things that work best for attracting more money into our lives.

We won’t be just studying theory, or learning processes, or reviewing limiting beliefs. At Money Vibe Boot Camp, we’re here to DO it. To practice what we know works.  We’ll do vibrational money work outs together – which makes all the difference to our bank accounts and wallets.

Whether you’re familiar with deliberate creation or not, going through these money drills over the next six weeks is guaranteed to shift your money vibe. And when your vibe shifts, your reality soon follows.

Lots of folks don’t know the most effective way to impact their financial wealth (doing it vibrationally) – but even those who do know this stuff often don’t practice it. Let’s change that together.

How does it work?

money vibe boot campWe dial in together every Monday to receive that week’s drill. Each call will last 20-30 minutes and will cover what the drill is, why it works, and then we’ll practice it together. (Those who are dialed in will have a chance to do it live; those who listen to the recordings will do it on their own.)

We all report in with our progress on a group google doc to help keep us engaged and accountable.

Why does it work?

Because everything is energy, and we get what we vibrate. When we start vibrating money, money shows up. It’s how the system works. (It’s actually a pretty cool setup once you know how to work with it.) Working for money isn’t nearly as effective as vibrating money. That’s what we do at Money Vibe Boot Camp: vibrate money. But we don’t just learn how to do it (and then hope you actually do it someday), we’re going to DO IT together. Right now.

And that crazy cool group energy amplified is going to be a really cool experience, too.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to manifest more money in their world.  Whether you’re a savvy deliberate creator or brand new to law of attraction world – the drills work no matter what your experience and knowledge of conscious creation is.

What will happen?

When you do the drills, you’ll find money will come easier, faster, and more. Or whatever you want it to be for you. You can customize the drills to match whatever experience you want to have with money. (I personally will be working with having money be bigger, more fun and “out of thin air” – since free money isn’t a vibration I’ve worked with much.)

What will you choose … easy money? Extra money? Gifted money? Money that makes itself? Money that grows overnight? Sticky money? You get to pick it however you like it.

Boot Camp details

Cost:            $197
Start:           January 6th, 1 pm eastern, weekly gatherings by phone/skype/online
Duration:    6 weeks

Recordings will be available along with transcripts for those who don’t join the live calls. We’ll track and report our progress with each weekly drill on a group spreadsheet.

You can join the calls via skype, or you can stream the calls online.

Extra perks:

  • Introduction to how the whole vibration management thing works
  • 3 month complimentary membership to GVU
  • Personalized dog tags for those who complete the entire boot camp
  • Written transcripts for those who prefer to read instead of listen
  • Strengthened manifesting muscle that can be applied to any other area of life
  • Recordings to keep and use at your ongoing discretion
  • A vibration management discipline that will serve you well your whole life
  • Getting the advantage of tapping into group energy (it’s seriously magical!)
  • Meeting like-minded fellow creators

Next step:

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This is the first time Money Vibe Boot Camp has been offered, but here’s what participants from Vibration Boot Camp had to say about their experience …

Prior Raves:

“This has been the MOST awesome program ever, and I’m so glad I came!! Thank you so much Jeannette, you rock! xxx”

“I can feel the shift happening …  This is major mojo shifting magic!!! Thank you, Jeannette!”

“BIGGGGG LOVE to you, Jeanette!  I LOVED the whole experience of Vibrational Boot Camp.  So many fun ways to co-create.  And your energy and enthusiasm is rockin contagious.  I wish I could have been on more calls, but got new clients that I manifested instead!!!!   Cheers to your dreams come true!  Thanks for guiding me to live more of mine.”

“Hi sweetie, thank you SO much for this program, it’s been awesome beyond words.”

“Jeanette–these resources and class have been super helpful.  I am really loving class.  It is so fun and I am learning a ton.”

“Can I just say…how awesome you are!”

Money manifesting is my forte, and this gathering is designed to be enjoyable, effective and life-changing.  Happy to have you join us!